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Managing Director's Message

VR Maritime is one of the renowned Ship Managers of India, now in its 7th year of operations. We have continued to move ahead serving the interests of Ship Owners as well as our Seafarers with a fine balance of financial wisdom and trademark transparency.

We started as Crew Managers and given the trust build up, we have entered into Technical Management with same Ship Owners.

Our sense of satisfaction in last 6 years especially when the dark patches of financial crisis still keep haunting us, has been meeting Budgets within 2% limit with unstinting support from Ship Owners, Seafarers, Port Agents, Travel Agents and entire team of VRM. I extend my gratitude to each participant in our destiny. Year 2016 has produced the biggest challenge of maintaining vessel’s safe operations in tight budgets. We improvised the follow ups with better systems and making technological advances in management of ships. Analysis of business models are tested with the release of each dollar by all stake holders. We continue to operate under highest standards of reliability.

Ascertaining Company’s business performance, we are financially stable with upward graph on the business proposals in hand. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) have been made specific to Owners and stay dear to us. Our tradition to analyse Quality Objectives and bring in desired changes, fast decision making and staying connected with the seafarers sentiments at all times has resulted in sound business strategies. On social front VR Maritime is an integral part of NGO called FINS (Forum for Integrated National Security). We are one of the leading lights as Maritime Security (Indian Coasts) study group. Our commitment to our Country remains the only agenda.

Jai Hind! Jai Navik!

Our Great Team

Capt Sanjay Prashar
Managing Director


“A Master Mariner with 25 Years in Shipping Industry. His passion for Ship Management has resulted in formulating right strategies for Owners. The strength to read the pulse of market combining with absolute transparency in financial dealings has enabled him to successfully list the company as one of the best crew managers.”

Mr Nazir Badiwale
Director (Technical)


“Chief Engineer during his sailing days, he had the privilege to work with finest Seafaring community of India. He has held various shore positions such as Trainer and Technical Manager prior being nominated as Director of VRM.”

Capt Pravin M Pillai


“A Master Mariner with more than 18 years sailing experience on dry vessels. To his credit he was responsible for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality services prior being nominated as Director, Crewing in VRM. He is responsible for liaising with owners, budget management and crewing.”

Capt Karan Kapoor
Director (Middle East Operations)


“A Master Mariner with Oil-Chem / VLGC experience and Green Ship Recycling expertise. He is in-charge of Middle east operations providing cost effective crew and vessel management solutions to ship owners”.

Ms Rupa Shah
Assistant Director


“Rupa Shah after doing her Education joined VRM in the year 2013. She is responsible for all Finance related matters of the company. She has integrated accounting software to simplify operation, complete statutory audit, provide training to team members. She is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountant of India.”

​Capt Umesh Shetty
GM, Business Development


“A Master Mariner with more than 21 years’ experience in shipping, specialized on container ships.
In close collaboration with Managing Director & other senior management, he is responsible for driving business development for VRM.”