About Us

Managing Director's Message:

VR Maritime is one of the renowned Crew Managers of India, now in its 5th year of operations. We have continued to move ahead serving the interests of Ship Owners as well as our Seafarers with a fine balance of financial wisdom and trademark transparency.

We consider every Seafarer onboard an extended family of VRM. We take pride in the achievements of our Seafarers which in turn gives lead advantage to our Ship Owners and operators.

Our sense of satisfaction in last 5 years especially when the dark patches of financial crisis still keep haunting us, has been meeting Budgets within 2% limit with unstinting support from Ship Owners, Seafarers, Port Agents, Travel Agents and entire team of VRM. I extend my gratitude to each participant in our destiny.

Year 2012 has been historic as we made hard decisions in terms of recognition of VRM as quality operators. Analysis of business models were tested to the last dollar and after a dull Sept'12, the autumn made a good transition for VRM.

Year 2013 saw our clientele base surging. In order to meet the aspirations of our Seafarers we appointed consultancy firms in many small towns of India providing assistance to our Seafarers and their families.

We are one of the MLC 2006 compliant companies and continue to operate under highest standards of reliability.

Ascertaining Company's business performance, we are financially stable with upward graph on the business proposals in hand. Fleet Personnel KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) have been made specific to Owners and stay dear to us. Our tradition to analyse Quality Objectives and bring in desired changes, fast decision making and staying connected with the seafarers sentiments at all times has resulted in sound business strategies.

The best things our Owner do for us is to make our Seafarers earn their bread with lot of respect. We are just the catalysts who make it happen with wisdom.

On social front VR Maritime is an integral part of NGO called FINS (Forum for Integrated National Security). We are one of the leading lights on Maritime Security (Indian Coasts). Our commitment to our Country remains the only agenda.

We continue to stay optimistic and our belief in Indian Seafarers makes us grow.